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Woodland Imports

Aluminum Candle Lanterns (set of 3)* With a unique and intricate design on its surface* Made from quality materials Set Dimensions* 7-in x 7-in x 18-in * 9-in x 8-in x 22-in * 8-in x 7-in x 20-in Dimensions: Weight: 7lbs

Compare: $65.00
SAVE $25 (38%)

Woodland Imports

Metal Stool Classy and elegant in appearance, this metal stool makes a great addition to any setting if you are looking for something practical and stylish. This decorative accessory can be placed anywhere to give settings a more splendid appearance. * Beautiful style that can accent the aesthetics…

Compare: $151.00
SAVE $75 (49%)

Woodland Imports

Wooden Cabinet Adding elegant style to your home interiors, this wooden cabinet makes a great addition to any setting. It features a sleek profile and a sophisticated appearance that makes it suitable for incorporating in any space. This cabinet is not only decorative in appearance but also offers…

Compare: $1082.00
SAVE $509 (47%)

Metal Planter Set Refresh the decor appeal of small spaces in your garden or porch with these planters in black, brown and rustic green finishes. * Deep, round shape * Elevated base * Convenient side handles * Indoor/outdoor use * No drainage holes Dimensions: Diameter: 12in - Height: 6in - Weight:…

Compare: $61.00
SAVE $30 (49%)

Woodland Imports

Beautiful Metal Wall Décor This wall plaque features a distressed finish and has a multicolored design in brown, red, white and blue shades. It can be placed in bedrooms as a headboard accent or to accentuate a corner in living rooms for a stylish appeal. Made from premium grade metal,…

Compare: $328.00
SAVE $165 (50%)

Woodland Imports

Polished Metal Decorative Mirror Introduce a new sense of style and transform your walls into a high point of creativity with this unique wall decor. Experience a serene ambiance when the light reflects from the polished mirror edges and spreads brightness in every corner of your room. Every part of…

Compare: $233.00
SAVE $116 (49%)

Woodland Imports

Double Polystone Giraffe Statue This beautiful depiction of a mother and baby giraffe is the perfect showcase for your home with its motherly overtones and message of love and affection. This decorative showpiece is a truly breathtaking piece of art, with exquisite and finely carved details and…

Compare: $39.00
SAVE $18 (46%)

Woodland Imports

Curved Edge Cake Stand This exquisite looking cake stand is the perfect choice for parties, weddings or birthdays. Perfect for placing cakes, desserts, sweets and savories, this sleek and stylish cake stand is a must have in any festive setting. * Glossy silver coating with a riveting curved edge…

Compare: $103.00
SAVE $50 (48%)

Woodland Imports

Believe Metal Wall Decor Designed to complement all kinds of interiors, this metal wall decor piece has a versatile style that ensures it can blend in well with different settings. It features a blend of clean lines and minimal details that give it a simple, yet stylish look. Crafted from material…

Compare: $306.00
SAVE $132 (43%)

Woodland Imports

Polystone Sitting Buddha * Silver finish Dimensions: Height: 11in - Length: 9in - Width: 4in - Weight: 7.95lbs

Compare: $85.00
SAVE $39 (45%)

Woodland Imports

Wine Canvas Art The use of bold colors in this canvas art offers a striking appearance. The sturdy wooden canvas offers durability and a long life. It is sure to suit your bar area or your living room walls and exude a conventional yet modern style. Dimensions: Height: 40in - Thickness: 3in - Width:…

Compare: $164.00
SAVE $77 (46%)

Woodland Imports

Metal Table Clock With a stylish design, this fantastic clock is a perfect addition to your living space. It is made of a dark metal frame to grace your home's decor.with great balance. The overall attractive finish and perfect design are evidence of expert…

Compare: $61.00
SAVE $43 (70%)
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