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Woodland Imports

Aluminum Candle Lanterns (set of 3)* With a unique and intricate design on its surface* Made from quality materials Set Dimensions* 7-in x 7-in x 18-in * 9-in x 8-in x 22-in * 8-in x 7-in x 20-in Dimensions: Weight: 7lbs

Compare: $65.00
SAVE $25 (38%)

Woodland Imports

Cake Stand To enhance the decoration and add to the beautiful memories of your special, Woodland Imports presents to you this exceptionally good looking cake table completely made out of strong iron and designed with skilful pattern. The most attractive feature of this table is the designer rim…

Compare: $52.00
SAVE $22 (42%)

Ceramic Vase * Environment friendly materials * Suited to small spaces * Silver colored finish with bubbles that reflect light Dimensions: BackToFront: 3in - Height: 19in - Width: 10in

Compare: $56.00
SAVE $26 (46%)

Polystone Vase Table decor accent, brown with black neck. * Environment friendly material * Sculpted in leaf shape Dimensions: Height: 24in - Length: 19in - Width: 6in

Compare: $104.00
SAVE $45 (43%)

Woodland Imports

Metal Stool Classy and elegant in appearance, this metal stool makes a great addition to any setting if you are looking for something practical and stylish. This decorative accessory can be placed anywhere to give settings a more splendid appearance. * Beautiful style that can accent the aesthetics…

Compare: $151.00
SAVE $75 (49%)

Woodland Imports

Metal Bookends* Specially for reading spaces Set Dimensions* 7-in x 4-in x 8-in * 7-in x 4-in x 8-in Dimensions: Weight: 9lbs

Compare: $60.00
SAVE $24 (40%)

Outdoor Bench * 41-in L patio bench * 17.8-lb weight capacity * Restoration wood and cast-iron alloy construction * Unfinished Dimensions: Depth: 15in - Height: 18in - Width: 41in - Weight: 14.77lbs

Compare: $172.00
SAVE $89 (51%)

Woodland Imports

Barrel Cart This unique barrel cart is simply attractive and will add its vintage charm to your collection. This barrel cart will add a unique charm and elegance to your ambiance. You can place this any corner of the room and use it to store items. This will look very different and classy. Your…

Compare: $57.00
SAVE $21 (36%)

Woodland Imports

Drawer Nightstand Beautify your room decor with this nightstand. Four sturdy legs offer balance to the overall structure. The top surface is charmingly smooth and is perfect to hold your essentials or decorative items. Three utility drawers are neatly arranged one above the other. Made of high…

Compare: $219.00
SAVE $102 (46%)

Woodland Imports

Ceramic Fish Statue Good fortune, positive energy and positive outcomes are some of the attributes that fish have in Feng Shui. The ceramic fish model is not only a harbinger of good vibes, but is a good artifact to include in your home. The ceramic crafting is delicate to look at but is sturdy and…

Compare: $63.00
SAVE $37 (58%)

Woodland Imports

Antique Metal Table Clock Add a touch of old world charm to your interiors with this classical themed table clock. Combining charm and functionality, this antique not only keeps time, it will accentuate the theme of your interiors and give you that old world charm that you have always been looking…

Compare: $54.00
SAVE $22 (40%)

Sophisticated Teakwood Bar Stool If you love smooth wooden furniture this teak wood bar stool makes an ideal choice for your home. It features a beautiful light brown finish that gives it a natural, eye-catching appeal. The stool reflects beautifully when light falls on the glossy coat and adds a…

Compare: $292.00
SAVE $145 (49%)
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