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Kenneth Cole Reaction

…Cole does, his Kenneth Cole Reaction footwear comes with a strong sense of responsibility to society as well as a commitment to bringing customers the company's signature combination of quality and style.* Shoe Type 1: Coats and Jackets* Shoe Type 2: Motorcycle* Country of Origin: China

Compare: $619.50
SAVE $38 (6%)

…74% viscose 23% nylon 3% elastane Inventory Number:4279-0069 L:Denise on 07-19-2017 13:21|C:13.46|Q:1|W:1.30|station:Web|image:Camera U:782418221702|Style:10623254|Rep:|schart:yes|Minutes:1|Am:match Color: Blacks Size Type: Regular Size (Women's): 10 Style: Basic Jacket Material: Rayon

Compare: $126.44
SAVE $74 (58%)

…64% polyester 35% viscose 1% elastane Inventory Number:3912-0128 L:Kathy on 04-14-2017 08:07|C:17.82|Q:1|W:1.10|station:Flesh|image:Camera U:|Style:u01m399356|Rep:|schart:yes|Minutes:0|Amazon: Color: Pinks Size Type: Regular Size (Women's): 2 Style: Basic Jacket Material: Polyester

Compare: $105.19
SAVE $43 (41%)

…white faux leather cropped laser cut cardigan Inventory Number:4252-0359 L:Kathy on 07-05-2017 09:46|C:9.45|Q:1|W:0.34|station:Web|image:Camera U:782418132602|Style:10614782|Rep:|schart:yes|Minutes:0|Am:match Color: Whites Size Type: Regular Size (Women's): 6 Style: Basic Jacket Material: 100%…

Compare: $94.56
SAVE $59 (62%)

…Length 28 inches Bust Around ted baker size 3= size 8 US Inventory Number:4196-0304 L:Kathy on 07-03-2017 11:08|C:6.00|Q:1|W:2.00|station:Flesh|image:Camera U:|Style:WA5WGJ66RIZA|Rep:|schart:|Minutes:8|Am: Color: Blacks Size Type: Regular Size (Women's): 8 Style: Motorcycle Material: Leather

Compare: $717.19
SAVE $404 (56%)

…viscose with polyurethane coating Inventory Number:4267-0153 L:Kayla on 07-13-2017 12:02|C:23.28|Q:1|W:1.64|station:Web|image:Database U:190049825365|Style:MF62HFX418|Rep:|schart:yes|Minutes:0|Am:match Color: Blacks Size Type: Regular Size (Women's): M Style: Motorcycle Material: Faux Leather

Compare: $207.19
SAVE $121 (58%)

100% Authentic Tahari By ASL® Inventory Number:4243-0305 L:Kayla on 07-03-2017 13:14|C:20.00|Q:1|W:1.04|station:Web|image:Model U:884449508071|Style:6188M125|Rep:|schart:yes|Minutes:0|Am:match Color: Reds Size Type: Regular Size (Women's): 14 Style: Basic Jacket Material: Faux Leather

Compare: $158.31
SAVE $83 (53%)

…Nylon, 4% Spandex -Dry Clean Only -Ponte Inventory Number:4277-0278 L:Jaqueline on 07-14-2017 11:12|C:13.33|Q:1|W:1.30|station:Web|image:Amazon U:782418221788|Style:10623254|Rep:|schart:yes|Minutes:1|Am:match Color: Blacks Size Type: Regular Size (Women's): 8 Style: Basic Jacket Material: Rayon

Compare: $126.44
SAVE $75 (59%)

…Authentic Alfani® Inventory Number:4123-0050 L:Denise on 06-12-2017 12:32|C:10.02|Q:1|W:0.72|station:Flesh|image:Camera U:686812507090|Style:8317DPB194|Rep:|schart:yes|Minutes:0|Amazon:match Color: Blacks Size Type: Regular Size (Women's): M Style: Basic Jacket Material: Faux Leather

Compare: $126.97
SAVE $95 (74%)

100% Authentic Alfani® 100% Polyester Inventory Number:4281-0294 L:Kayla on 07-17-2017 10:58|C:8.17|Q:1|W:0.80|station:Flesh|image:Database U:706256348193|Style:69418|Rep:|schart:yes|Minutes:0|Am:match Color: Blacks Size Type: Regular Size (Women's): M Style: Vest Material: Faux Leather

Compare: $116.34
SAVE $85 (73%)

…32 inches Total Length 36 inches Bust Around 100% Polyurethane Inventory Number:3517-0013 L:Kayla on 11-25-2016 13:59|C:15.10 |Q:1|W:1.60|station:Web|image:Camera U:|Style:|Rep:|schart:|Minutes:1|Amazon: Color: Reds Size Type: Regular Size (Women's): S Style: Basic Jacket Material: Faux Leather

Compare: $127.50
SAVE $78 (61%)

…clean 82% polyester 16% rayon 2% elastane -Size Type: Petites -Lined: Yes - Jacket is Lined -Style: Blazer -Material: Polyester -Pockets Top - Exterior: 2 Pockets | Pockets Top - Interior: None Tahari By ASL Women's Petite Plaid Faux-Leather Blazer Gray 12P Inventory Number:4155-0128 L:Aleister…

Compare: $137.06
SAVE $97 (71%)
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