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Honey Can Do

Honey-Can-Do HNGZ01524 2-Pack Curved Wood Suit Hanger, Ebony. Hang and organize your finest suits in style with the Ebony Wood Wide Shoulder Suit Hanger. Keeps coordinating suit components stored conveniently on the same hanger and are designed to help garments maintain a just-pressed look. Features…

Compare: $24.70
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The Silver Bodyform Suit Hangers is a functional hanger that serves its purpose.* Exclusive super-grippy coating for a non-slip surface* Space-efficient design maximizes storage space* Rounded shoulders to preserve garments shape* Crafted from cold-rolled steel* Coated with anti slip, eco friendly…

Compare: $54.50
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These high quality Deluxe suit hangers will surely enhance your closet. * High quality deluxe suit hangers* Stylish wood design* Hang skirts or pants over bar* Smooth design* Set of 12

Compare: $20.33
SAVE $12 (60%)

Honey Can Do

Just because hangers are in the closet, doesn't mean you should use cheaply made, poor quality hangers to store your clothing! These hangers are a one time investment* adjustable clips accommodates a variety sizes and styles* Notches on shoulders keep straps hanging* Coordinate hanging to…

Compare: $42.90
SAVE $8 (19%)

Richards Homewares

…designed and shaped just for your suits, allowing them to hold their shape and stay on the hanger.* Set of 32* Lightweight and slim design * Notches on shoulder blades to hold garments with straps* Non-slip and elegant velvet surface* Holds shape of garment* Hang suit components on a single hanger

Price:$35.25 to $47.99
Compare: $47.99
SAVE $12 (26%)


* 3 in 1 hang suit tops and bottoms and add accessories or another hanger to hook* Constructed of durable chrome * Black ends protect garments from snags* set of 48

Compare: $19.45
SAVE $11 (58%)

Our Deluxe Cedar Suit Hanger has a streamlined shape that keeps your suits and jackets in shape and gives them a freshly pressed appearance. This hanger has a wide shoulder design that gives your clothes a fresh, crisp look.* Dimensions 17.5" x 2"Thick

Compare: $30.17
SAVE $5 (16%)

Richards Homewares

Make your closet reflect the image you want to portray. This Cherry Wood Suit Hanger will bring sophistication to your closet.* Beautiful cherry wood color* Curved shoulders to keep garments free of bumps* Set of 12* Specially sized for women's clothes* includes bar for hanging pants,…

Compare: $142.00
SAVE $1 (0%)

Richards Homewares

Make your closet reflect the image you want to portray.* Modern cherry wood color* Curved shoulders to keep garments free of bumps* Set of 12* Specially sized for womens clothing* Includes clips to hang skirts or pants

Compare: $148.00
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Florida Brands

Suit Hangers:

Compare: $73.20
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Richards Homewares

* Classically-styled dark walnut finish * Suit hanger with clips to hold the complimenting pants* The deluxe clips securely hold your slacks in place.* Metal hanger hook* Curved shoulders to preserve garments original shape* Set of 12

Compare: $69.95
SAVE $7 (10%)

Richards Homewares

…Thin Suit Hangers by Richards Homewares will hold your suits neatly without shoulder marks. These days the environment sure has us all concerned. But we can't let it get in the way of our normal, everyday lifestyles and decor choices. This Set of Razor Thin Eco Friendly Suit Hangers is a…

Compare: $37.43
SAVE $1 (5%)
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