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Nearly Natural

Orchid Succulent Sunrise Arrangement They say nature can't be improved upon but we can try can't we? Just look at this unusual arrangement of Orchid Succulent & Bamboo and see how combining these three beauties really works. An ideal conversation piece for your home or office…

Compare: $117.00
SAVE $47 (40%)

Nearly Natural

Succulent Garden with Seashell The days of Summer are back again when you add this remarkable piece to your collection! This succulent garden housed in a beautiful sea shell makes you feel like you are still enjoying that tropical holiday on the beach. Deep green succulents twigs sand and rocks all…

Compare: $59.00
SAVE $18 (30%)

Nearly Natural

…and Succulent Arrangement Heres a striking reminder of the intricate magnificence of nature. The Orchid blooms softly rise up surrounded by stems reaching in every direction giving the distinct look that Orchids are known for. But the base of this arrangement is a selection of green succulents

Compare: $70.00
SAVE $21 (30%)

Nearly Natural

…We love succulent mixes. The varying sizes shapes and yes "succulent" texture makes for an eye-catching decoration you just don’t see everywhere. This succulent mix is so nice we call it a "Succulent Garden." Several stunning succulents are housed…

Compare: $92.00
SAVE $26 (28%)

Nearly Natural

Succulent Garden with Concrete Planter Succulents can easily brighten any space that you place them and are known to be easy to take care of (especially this one!). This particular variety is no different providing exceptional beauty without needing a drop of water. Housed in a decorative cement…

Compare: $71.00
SAVE $21 (29%)

Nearly Natural

Succulent Arrangements (Set of 3) We love succulents. The colors the lushness the soft shapes... just looking at them brings a sense of peace and calm. This is a set of three distinct succulents each in their own little vase complete with liquid illusion faux water. Bring a fresh clean look to any…

Compare: $52.00
SAVE $15 (28%)

Nearly Natural

Mini Agave Succulent Plant (Set of 12) Hailing from the Southwest region the Succulent is one of nature’s more interesting plants. This set of twelve Mini Agave Succulent Plants is enough to provide a very distinctive look within your home or office. Each imitation plant stands at a modest…

Compare: $81.00
SAVE $24 (29%)

Nearly Natural

Autumn Orchid and Succulent Arrangement with Chest For those who enjoy a little variety in their floral displays this is a perfect selection. Delicate green succulent plants are surrounded by a background of beautiful autumn-hued orchids adding a delightful contrast to any environment. Housed in an…

Compare: $133.00
SAVE $51 (38%)

Nearly Natural

Succulent Garden with Textured Concrete Planter Long a favorite for their interesting look the succulent plant is an array of color and texture placed side by side in this wonderful looking concrete planter. It's the ideal piece of dcor for a sunroom covered patio or anywhere else you want a…

Compare: $70.00
SAVE $24 (34%)

Nearly Natural

6-in Echeveria Succulent (Set of 12) A unique style among Succulents this Echeveria Succulent comes in a set of a dozen for maximum decorative potential. The leaves on this selection are layered giving the fronds multiple levels and really add to the look of this piece. Plus they never need water so…

Price:$48.00 to $63.00
Compare: $90.00
SAVE $42 (46%)

Nearly Natural

Succulent with Fluted Vase (Set of 2) How about a beautiful succulent plant nestled comfortably inside a small fluted vase - can you say "ball of delight"? And how about we double it and make it a set of two? That's what we have here - a set of two lush succulents lovingly…

Compare: $64.00
SAVE $20 (31%)

Nearly Natural

17-in Agave Succulent Plant (Set of 2) Standing at an impressive 17 inches tall this Agave Succulent Plant is an exotic desert themed favorite and highly pleasing to the eye. The long pointed leaves create an interesting visual flair that you simply will not find anywhere else making it an ideal…

Compare: $67.00
SAVE $20 (29%)
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