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Rucci Professional 10x magnifiaction Chrome Trumpet Base LED Lighted Mirror Plug in with a chrome finish perfect in your bedroom and for everyday use. 7.5" diameter x 13.75" height.


Rucci Professional 10x magnification Acrylic Lighted Mirror Plug In 9 " diameter x 15.75" height. Perfect for everyday use and for grooming.


Rucci Professional Vanity Mirror with LED light and movable round insert mirror 10X magnification. Perfect size to maintain in the bathroom. Great use for make-up application,tweezing eyebrows and shaving. 8 inches long by 13 inches height including base. Round insert mirror 3 inches diameter.


Rucci Professional Chrome Hand/Stand Mirror with 10x/1x times magnification and normal view 6.25" diameter x 10.25" height. Perfect in your dressing room for make-up application and tweeting.


Rucci Professional Compact Mirror with Double Magnification 2X and Normal View. LED LIGHTED for better use at night. Foldable for major comfort perfect for everyday use.


Rucci Professional Daylight Cosmetic Stand Mirror White and clean look mirror that has a 10x magnification mirror. Has an adjustable neck for comfortable grooming.


Rucci Professional 3x magnification Plug-In Chrome LED Lighted Stand Mirror 8.5" diameter x 19" height. Perfect for everyday use, make-up application and grooming.



Pink Rucci bag featuring makeup and hair accessories. This pink bag is equipped with makeup tissues, a hair brush, kabuki brush and a sponge to keep your face and hair in perfect shape while on the go.Includes: * Rucci Pink Bag * Make-up tissue (Cucumber) * Kabuki Brush * Suction HairBrush * Contour…


Rucci Professional double sided 10x magnification and normal view. Round Lighted Mirror 3.5" Diameter Rotatable compact mirror It is battery operated that comes with LED light. Perfect for everyday use and to travel with.


Rucci Professional Foldable mirror with a 10x and normal magnification view. 3.25" diameter It is compact that's why its perfect to bring everyday in your handbag. It's great to apply lipstick and tweeze eyebrows.


Rucci Professional Foldable compact mirror with clasp that fits everywhere. It has a 2x and normal magnification view perfect for everyday use. Beautiful design and great to apply lipstick and tweeze eyebrows.


Rucci Professional Plug in mirror with an adjustable head in a chrome finish. Has a 5x magnification 8.5" diameter x 23" height. Perfect for everyday beauty and grooming use.

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