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Ya Ya

roses symbolizes openness and life. These silk flower roses are great for wedding events or simply using them as a decoration for your own home garden. Additional Information: - 84 roses/12 bushes, 7 flowers per bush - 84 roses/pack - can be used as a bundle or separated individually - 3" rose

Compare: $30.38
SAVE $6 (21%)

Ya Ya

Long Stem Rose Bouquet Roses are always the symbol of romance. Our Long Stem Rose Bouquet can be used in singles or put all pieces together, depending on your decoration need. It is an economical choice and is an easy fix for interior makeover. Let the roses spell out the romantic story and spread…

Compare: $49.99
SAVE $19 (38%)

Ya Ya

…Beautiful box of 6 Soap petals in the rose shape with ribbons around the box.   If you're looking for a simple-to-use yet elegant-to-present decor for the table top then this is the item for you. Open the box scatter the soap petal roses atop tables or place them into favor boxes.…

Compare: $1.99
SAVE $0 (10%)

Ya Ya

…Available in a variety of colors - 84 roses/pack, Can be used single individual roses or in bunches. - 7 roses / bunches.  12 bunches / order. - Approx. 2.5" tall x 2.75" wide Rose buds - Each rose had 4 crystal organza petals on the outer layer that will glitter under…

Compare: $32.99
SAVE $11 (33%)

Roger Vivier

* Gender: Women* Upper: Satin* Outsole: Leather* Heel Height: 5.25* Toe Type: Round Toe* Measurement Text: 5.25 inch heel* Country: Italy * Shoe Type: Dress Shoes* Shoe Type 2: Pumps, Classics* Width: B(M)* Width Description: Medium* Heel Height Description: Over 3 inch

Compare: $898.27
SAVE $683 (76%)

Ya Ya

* Each delicate rose bud measures 1/2" accross. * 3" wire stem* Each order is 144 buds totalA traditional flower used in all craft & favor making. Ribbon roses on a 3" wire stem. Each package is 144 roses. 12 roses / bunch. Each delicate rose bud measures 1/2" accross. 144 /…

Price:$9.59 to $10.79
Compare: $11.98
SAVE $2 (19%)

Ya Ya

* Each delicate flower measure 1/2" accorss.* 3" wire stem* 144 flowers total / order These are craft paper roses on a delicately handcrafted on a 3" wire stem. Perfect for crafting, favor making, corsages, & gift wrapping. Also gorgeous on invitations. Each delicate cally…

Compare: $12.72
SAVE $3 (24%)

Nearly Natural

Blooming Roses with Vase The rose is nature's classic flower. And this offering captures a bouquet of roses in full bloom their lush petals invitingly open amidst a backdrop of greenery and straight stems. The included decorative vase even has liquid illusion faux water completing the…

Compare: $81.00
SAVE $32 (39%)

Ya Ya

* Material: Satin* One order is for 12pcs Craft Roses* Top-Bottom Height Approx. 5? * Flower opening Approx. 2.5? w/ Pearl Spray centerBellissimo or Lovely in Italian is our craft rose especially suited for accenting anything thats elegant and making it even more grand. Easy to use and easy to pair.…

Compare: $12.78
SAVE $3 (24%)

Nearly Natural

Roses with Colored Glass Vase It doesn’t get any better than a full bouquet of roses does it? Well maybe if you put these luscious flowers in a beautiful colored vase . . . that really enhances things don’t you think? The beautiful blooms are striking the lush greenery makes an…

Compare: $60.00
SAVE $15 (25%)

Ya Ya

…separable rose stems per bush for a total of 60 roses When roses are Pristine, they are neither a bud or bloomed. They are at that state where they are about to reach their most perfect. And these craft roses are simply that --- a beauty that is about to start blooming. Use these craft roses to…

Compare: $12.78
SAVE $1 (15%)

Ya Ya

* Approx 2.5" wide flower x 1" deep* One order is for 12pcs craft flowers onlyEXTRA TOUCH Craft Roses Favor bags and Favor boxes need to have your STAMP of flair and personality! Use there flowers to add that EXTRA touch to your boxes, bags, cakes, tablecloths, centerpieces and more. As…

Compare: $11.18
SAVE $2 (24%)
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