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Ya Ya

…wants them, but they are extortionately priced and wilt within hours of transport. Our hydrangea bushes offer the same level of beauty, at a fraction of the price of real wedding flowers. Our lovely silk hydrangea bushes look and feel lifelike and could fool anyone. With the wide selection of colors…

Compare: $59.99
SAVE $20 (33%)

Nearly Natural

Mixed Hydrangea with Vase An explosion of color this wondrous recreation of blooming Hydrangea is sure to add a sense of delight to any area. With full multicolored blooms lush green leaves and strong stems nature’s incredible splendor is well-represented. This arrangement is then nestled…

Price:$41.00 to $52.00
Compare: $73.00
SAVE $32 (43%)

Nearly Natural

Hydrangea Berry Candelabrum Need a little ambiance to help set the mood? This Hydrangea Berry Candelabrum is the perfect choice for any romantic dinner or revered occasion. A small glass candle holder finds itself nestled deep within a collection of delicate purple and white flowers and bright green…

Compare: $61.00
SAVE $22 (36%)

Nearly Natural

Hydrangea with Large Vase Sometimes you just have to go big. This hydrangea arrangement is beautiful bold and won’t take a back seat to anything. Ideal for an area that needs some life the soft inviting blooms on a bed of lush greenery will certainly fit the bill while the included vase…

Compare: $78.00
SAVE $22 (28%)

Nearly Natural

Mixed Hydrangea with Floral Planter Appropriately bright and cheerful for any occasion these bright Mixed Hydrangea flowers possess vivid gorgeous multi-colored blooms that are sure to please. The pretty flowers are arranged within a large encasement of bright green leaves and a sumptuous Floral…

Compare: $65.00
SAVE $18 (27%)
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