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KB Furniture

Plant Stand * Looks great in a foyer or the hallway * Enhanced by a profile top and carved wood base * Diameter: 14 inches Height: 25 inches Weight: 6.38lbs

Compare: $60.00
SAVE $15 (25%)

Leisure Season

3-Tier Plant Stand 3-Tier indoor outdoor plant stand for a combination of tall and other arrangement designs. * This plant stand accents a small space or creates a decorative display * Great for tall and extra tall blooms  * Crafted of solid wood harvested from the Cypress tree family with…

Compare: $114.00
SAVE $38 (33%)

Leisure Season

Wooden Stacking Plant Stand Plant warriors rejoice. The stacking plant stands are a clever way to save space without sabotaging your style. Practical and savvy yet fully versatile and by that we mean it can be configured in three different ways (can be stacked 3 tiers high as a pyramid or…

Compare: $157.00
SAVE $63 (40%)

Leisure Season

Wooden Ladder Plant Stand This ladder plant stands is convenience and style rolled into one. Displays your plant collection in a well-balanced manner regardless of plant type or size. Pretty enough to work in any room hearty enough to withstand the outdoors. And best of all the A-frame style makes…

Compare: $176.00
SAVE $71 (40%)

Black Round Plant Stand This beautiful and functional handcrafted plant stand raises flower pots off the floor and are great for the verandah, deck, or patio. * Black powder coat finish Dimensions: Diameter: 12in - Height: 22in - Weight: 11lbs

Compare: $82.00
SAVE $25 (30%)

Black Round Plant Stand This beautiful and functional handcrafted plant stand raises flower pots off the floor and are great for the veranda, deck, or patio. The light airy form of this plant stand seems to defy gravity. Three vines wind down from the top ring, then curl under and come together to…

Compare: $53.00
SAVE $14 (26%)

Round Trivet Plant Stand This attractive plant stand, part of our Williamsburg Collection has a traditional decorative wrought-iron style. Ideal for the plants on your porch, deck or patio or for bringing indoor plants to window height. Dimensions: Diameter: 12in - Height: 14in - Weight: 8lbs

Compare: $59.00
SAVE $20 (33%)

Virginia Plant Stand This neat, compact stand is a hit anywhere. The stand features a removable tray and graphite powder coating. Dimensions: Diameter: 14.5in - Height: 28in - Weight: 14lbs

Compare: $90.00
SAVE $29 (32%)

Verandah Plant Stand The Verandah plant stand makes a gorgeous presentation with your showpiece plant. The deep basket can be used to hold a flowerpot or vase. Turn a fern or floral arrangement into a lush fountain with its gracefully uplifting form. Plant stands lift planters up to more light and…

Compare: $148.00
SAVE $33 (22%)

English Plant Stand * Eco-friendly and crafted from sustainably harvested hardwood * Easy assembly * Finished with UV-resistant polyurethane in Antique Ivory Dimensions: Height: 36in - Length: 12in - Width: 12in - Weight: 12lbs

Compare: $95.00
SAVE $30 (31%)

Cascading Plant Stand ACHLA Designs offers a wide selection of beautifully handcrafted plant stands to suit every container gardening need, from decorative ways to arrange multiple plants, to large supports for pots or half barrels. Plant stands lift planters up to more light and air circulation,…

Compare: $78.00
SAVE $27 (34%)

Iris Plant Stand The Iris is a sturdy three-tiered stand with three half-round shelves in a bold geometric design. Plant stands lift planters up to more light and air circulation, give them better drainage, and create multi-level interest while adding a beautiful decorative element. Great on the…

Compare: $191.00
SAVE $44 (23%)
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