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San Rafael Mission Solar Pillar Candle Lantern * Ambient lighting ideal for your patio, deck, or garden * Elegant mission style lantern made from all weather polycarbonate with real seeded glass * Sits on any surface, or can be hung using the integrated hanging loop * Lantern is illuminated by two…

Compare: $103.00
SAVE $37 (35%)

Let this Pro Design Solar Wall Light illuminate and beautify your outdoor space. During the day the sun charges the built-in battery and provides up to eight hours of illumination at night. The professional and elegant design provides your exterior a decorative and handsome feel. Its smooth surface…

Compare: $97.00
SAVE $37 (38%)


…of the outdoors. The unique design with solar powered LED lights will light up your patio every evening, so you can continue to relax outdoors into the warm summer nights. * 2.5m (98-in) round umbrella made from high-grade polyester * Wood frame accented with UV resistant umbrella * Solar powered…

Compare: $207.00
SAVE $38 (18%)

Royce Lighting

Solar metal Sun 2 pcs set silicon solar panel 1 white LED, .06 watts requires (1AA) battery included. 3 color changing LED (red, green, blue)

Compare: $53.89
SAVE $3 (7%)

This whimsical birdbath is solar powered, no wiring and no operating expenses! Simply place the fountain in direct sunlight and the patented solar panel powers a low voltage pump which recycles water under the watchful gaze of 2 tortoises. Durable light weight resin is easy to place in a variety of…

Compare: $223.00
SAVE $77 (34%)

Paradise Garden Lighting

solar round rattan basket with a flickering amber LED light will add a nice decor element to any patio or garden area. * 8-Inch tall and 9 inch wide basket in a brown finish. * Safe with no wiring required. * Ideal for creating decorative effects throughout the garden. * Powered by the sun to light

Compare: $38.00
SAVE $16 (42%)

solar lamp post one of the world's brightest solar lamps available. Enhance your outdoor lighting experience by installing this unit along a driveway, on a deck/patio, or pool area. With a convenient high/low brightness switch, you can choose between a brighter light or longer lasting light.

Compare: $330.00
SAVE $151 (45%)

…bright light. Enhance your outdoor lighting experience by installing this unit on any wall with good sun exposure. Install new or replace your outdated and energy-guzzling gas lamp or low voltage lighting with this energy-efficient solar powered lamp. * No wiring needed. * An on-board light sensor…

Compare: $165.00
SAVE $66 (40%)

Chameleon Crackled Glass Solar Gazing Ball on stand * Real cracked glass gazing ball - ideal for decorating patios, walkways, garden and outdoor areas * Powered by an integrated solar panel eliminating the need for any external wires * Dual mode option: can operated in bright white mode utilizing…

Compare: $63.00
SAVE $20 (31%)

solar lamp. Replace your outdated and energy-guzzling gas lamps or low voltage lighting with our energy-efficient solar powered lamp post. The lamp comes complete with our EZ Lamp Post Anchor for an easy DIY installation with no tools needed. Using our patented cone reflector technology, this solar

Compare: $303.00
SAVE $134 (44%)

Chameleon Solar Gazing Ball and Pedestal * Powered by a high performance integral mono crystalline solar panel hidden discreetly within * Decorative lighting for garden, patio or deck * Dual color modes: white mode features 2 bright white LED's or chameleon mode which cycles through a spectrum…

Compare: $112.00
SAVE $48 (42%)

Aquarius Birdbath Solar Stake with Glass Orb * Two-in-one decorative birdbath and solar accent for the garden * The stake light accent with decorative birds and leaves is topped with a crackled glass orb * Energy saving color changing LED * Powered by an integral solar panel * Replaceable…

Compare: $58.00
SAVE $23 (39%)
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