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Mizani Rhelaxer is a sodium hydroxide conditioning relaxer designed to leave hair in perfect balance. The ingredients and consistency are designed to achieve maximum relaxation and conditioning.

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An easy rinse sodium hydroxide formulated with an ultra-moisturizing blend of cocoa butter, shea butter, honey & an advanced conditioning agent Polyquaterium-6 that gives superior conditioning during relaxing, adds lubricity & a soft silky feel.

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The mizani relaxer is formulated with an ultra moisturizing blend of cocoa butter, shea butter, honey and an advanced conditioning agent polyquaterium 6 that provides superior conditioning during relaxing, adds lubricity and a soft silky feel. * The mizani relaxer is formulated with an…

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…provides weightless protection for long-lasting, frizz-free, smooth style - ideal for use on natural, excessively curly hair to hair that is relaxed and or color treated. The advance C3 Smoothing Complex reinforces with inner cellular fortifying ceramide to help preserve elasticity and protect…

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Relaxers our conditioning relaxer portfolio represents cutting edge technology and innovation, leaving hair in perfect balance. The precise combination of oils, proteins and conditioners ensures successful relaxing for all hair types and textures. * Relaxers our conditioning relaxer portfolio…

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…treatment with patented ceramide created to shield previously relaxed hair from overlap during relaxer touch-up application. Formulated with a moisturizing blend of honey with nourishing humectants to guard against moisture loss during relaxer services. Use as an important step to minimize breakage…

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…enhances moisture and restores the hairs natural ph balance while helping to remove mineral deposits which may result from the use of no lye relaxers. * Butter blend balance hair bath for sensitive scalp is enriched with honey, this shampoo enhances moisture and restores the hairs * Active…

Compare: $27.96
SAVE $9 (33%)
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