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Sarah Jessica Parker

Launched by the design house of Sarah Jessica Parker in the year. This floral woody fragrance has a blend of musk, apple martini, white daffodil, amber, cedar, woody notes, and orchid.

Price:$16.19 to $35.56
Compare: $87.00
SAVE $70 (81%)

Sarah Jessica Parker

Lovely Sarah Jessica Parker By Sarah Jessica Parker

Compare: $67.00
SAVE $37 (55%)

Blue Up

Launched by the design house of Blue Up. This feminine fragrance has a blend of fresh and aromatic notes.

Compare: $25.00
SAVE $11 (44%)

Victoria's Secret

An irresistible, fresh fragrance. Fall in Sheer Love, bright and cheerful with fresh white cotton and luminous pink lily. Experience the luxury of fragrant cleansing. Dual-action sugar scrub gently exfoliates as it purifies.

Compare: $15.00
SAVE $1 (6%)

Paris Hilton

Launched by the design house of Paris Hilton in the year 2014. This floral fruity fragrance has a blend of green apples, bergamot, fruit, elegant flowers, soft, sensual wood, wild jasmine, orchid, and lemonish lily of the valley notes.

Compare: $60.00
SAVE $11 (19%)


Delicious fruits tempt your senses with notes of succulent peach and juicy berries. At the core, layers of lush, rich florals are splashed with simply irresistible seduction of coconut. A mysterious femininity emerges as powerful, lingering notes.

Price:$28.70 to $30.76
Compare: $75.00
SAVE $46 (61%)

Vera Wang

Launched by the design house of Vera Wang in the year 2011. This feminine fragrance has a blend of juicy guavas and fresh angelica flowers. It is recommended for romantic wear.

Price:$34.62 to $36.60
Compare: $78.00
SAVE $43 (55%)

Jessica Simpson

An oriental floral created in 2009. This fragrance features notes of bergamot, peach, champagne, jasmine, lotus, rose, frangipani, peony, amber, woods, cedar, and musk.

Compare: $35.00
SAVE $15 (43%)


I Love Love By Moschino

Price:$9.99 to $40.99
Compare: $80.00
SAVE $70 (87%)


Introduced by the design house of Moschino, I love love has a blend of grapefruit, orange, lemon, red currant, tea rose, cinnamon leaves, musk, cedar and tonka wood. It is recommended for daytime wear.

Compare: $20.00
SAVE $2 (13%)

Lesa Michelle

Sterling Silver Love Bracelet

Compare: $50.00
SAVE $25 (50%)

Lesa Michelle

Sterling Silver Love Bracelet

Compare: $50.00
SAVE $25 (50%)
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