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Rucci Professional Vanity Mirror with LED light and movable round insert mirror 10X magnification. Perfect size to maintain in the bathroom. Great use for make-up application,tweezing eyebrows and shaving. 8 inches long by 13 inches height including base. Round insert mirror 3 inches diameter.


5x magnification and normal view. LED Lighted Foldable Pink Travel Mirror Battery Operated. 6.25" Diameter x 14" height. Great to travel with and for everyday use.



* LED Lighted Elegant Chrome Styling Lighted Mirror 1x/5x Magnification 3 Size AA Battery / Adapter - Not included

Price:$24.99 to $29.99
Compare: $39.99
SAVE $15 (37%)


Led Lighted Mirror 5X/1X INCLUDED: 1 Initial keychain based on customer First Name. WHILE SUPPLIES LAST!



Vanita & Casa LED Lighted Vanity Mirror * 110V * 1.4" mirror thickness * Includes defogger function * UL certified * Includes on/off switch * Direct wire

Compare: $990.00
SAVE $360 (36%)


Vanita & Casa Fluorescent Lighted Vanity Mirror * 110V * Lamp: 2-T5/13W 6400K * 1.6" mirror thickness * UL certified * Includes on/off switch * Direct wire * Includes defogger function

Compare: $880.00
SAVE $320 (36%)


Vanita & Casa Lighted Vanity Mirror * 110V * 1.8" mirror thickness * Includes defogger function * UL certified * Includes on/off switch * Direct wire * Defogger function

Compare: $935.00
SAVE $340 (36%)

Kimball & Young

The lustrous, square frame of this magnifying wall mirror adds a touch of deco flare to your bathroom! These lighted magnifying make up mirrors give you a 3-times closer look, with bright LED illumination.

Compare: $329.99
SAVE $28 (8%)

Kimball & Young

Wall mirror Magnification: 5x-1x

Price:$289.29 to $315.95
Compare: $315.95
SAVE $26 (8%)

Rucci Professional LED Lighted Mirror 7x/1x magnification battery operated that's perfect in the bedroom. Great for everyday use, plucking eyebrows,shaving and make-up application. Rotates 360 degrees to switch from a normal view on one side to magnified on the other.



Led light wall mount mirror 1x10x8.6"D 17.5 length. Satin nickel finish. 360 swivel control with AC adapter. * 10x/1x Magnification Double-Sided Wall-Mount LED Lighted Mirror (8.5"Dia) * Rotate 360? Swivel Control * 3 Dimmable Light Setting * 10x Magnification and Normal View * Perfect for…

Compare: $120.95
SAVE $60 (50%)


Led light desktop/stand mirror 1x10x plastic frame 8.6"D. Dimmer knob transitions-dim light-daylight-super bright.360 swivel control with USB port. * 10x/1x Magnification Double-Sided LED Lighted Dimmable Satin Nickel Stand Mirror (7.5"Dia x 17."Height) * Rotate 360? Swivel Control *…

Compare: $120.95
SAVE $65 (54%)
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