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100% Authentic Jones New York® 64% polyester 35% viscose 1% elastane Inventory Number:3912-0128 L:Kathy on 04-14-2017 08:07|C:17.82|Q:1|W:1.10|station:Flesh|image:Camera U:|Style:u01m399356|Rep:|schart:yes|Minutes:0|Amazon: Color: Pinks Size Type: Regular Size (Women's): 2 Style: Basic…

Compare: $105.19
SAVE $43 (41%)

100% Authentic Jones New York® 59% polyester 39% rayon 2% spandex dry clean Inventory Number:4138-0218 L:Laura on 06-13-2017 11:13|C:12.53|Q:1|W:0.65|station:Flesh|image:Camera U:701645466885|Style:10278793|Rep:|schart:yes|Minutes:1|Amazon: Color: Blacks Size Type: Regular Bottoms Size…

Compare: $126.44
SAVE $87 (68%)

100% Authentic Jones New York® 75% Polyester 19% Rayon 6% Elastane Inventory Number:4041-0399 L:Kayla on 06-09-2017 12:04|C:9.18|Q:1|W:0.64|station:Flat|image:Camera U:|Style:|Rep:|schart:yes|Minutes:0|Amazon: Color: Blacks Size Type: Petites Bottoms Size (Women's): 2P Style: Dress…

Compare: $84.47
SAVE $57 (68%)

100% Authentic Jones New York® 55% Rayon 45% Nylon Inventory Number:4034-0855 L:Aimee on 05-15-2017 14:27|C:2.50|Q:1|W:0.36|station:Flesh|image:Camera U:|Style:|Rep:|schart:yes|Minutes:4|Amazon: Color: Ivories Size Type: Regular Size (Women's): M Sleeve Style: Short Sleeve Style: Blouse…

Compare: $53.12
SAVE $36 (68%)

100% Authentic Jones New York® Inventory Number:4120-0261 L:Aimee on 06-09-2017 12:11|C:8.80|Q:1|W:0.31|station:Flesh|image:Camera U:|Style:10112323|Rep:|schart:yes|Minutes:4|Amazon: Color: Whites Size Type: Petites Size (Women's): PM Sleeve Style: Long Sleeve Style: Blouse Occasion:…

Compare: $83.94
SAVE $58 (69%)

100% Authentic Jones New York® Inventory Number:4120-0281 L:Aimee on 06-09-2017 11:17|C:5.68|Q:1|W:0.22|station:Flesh|image:Camera U:|Style:|Rep:|schart:yes|Minutes:1|Amazon: Color: Greens Size Type: Regular Size (Women's): S Sleeve Style: Sleeveless Style: Blouse Occasion: Casual…

Compare: $63.22
SAVE $46 (73%)

Jones New York

…high-quality Jones New York shoes with great prices at our store. We carry the very best shoes, boots, and sandals ranging from dress to casual to athletic while offering fast shipping to almost anywhere in the world. Included in our selection are the excellent Jones New York shoes. These feature…

Compare: $122.66
SAVE $48 (39%)

100% Authentic Jones New York® Measurements: 27 inches Total Length 40 inches Bust Around 61% polyester 37% viscose 2% elastane stretchable Inventory Number:3980-0240 L:Laura on 04-28-2017 09:07|C:9.45|Q:1|W:0.76|station:Web|image:Camera U:|Style:10519022|Rep:|schart:|Minutes:0|Amazon:…

Compare: $94.56
SAVE $59 (62%)

100% Authentic Jones New York® Measurements: 26 inches Total Length 38 inches Bust Around 99% Cotton 1% Other Hand wash cold inside out Inventory Number:3939-0096 L:Aimee on 04-21-2017 07:33|C:14.65|Q:1|W:0.80|station:Ghost|image:Database U:|Style:10528574|Rep:|schart:|Minutes:2|Amazon:…

Compare: $105.19
SAVE $52 (49%)

100% Authentic Jones New York® 73% Polyester 24% Viscose 3% Elastane dry clean Inventory Number:4011-0015 L:Aimee on 05-03-2017 08:49|C:18.27|Q:1|W:0.96|station:Flesh|image:Camera U:|Style:10428065|Rep:|schart:|Minutes:1|Amazon: Color: Blacks Size Type: Plus Size (Women's): 22W Lined:…

Compare: $147.69
SAVE $57 (38%)
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