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Rustic Planter Box This planter box is the answer for an instant and manageable garden that can be placed anywhere because it is the ultimate space saver. They fit perfectly in an entrance way, on the patio, on a deck, or anywhere growing vegetables, herbs, or flowers is wanted. * Great for growing…

Compare: $283.00
SAVE $128 (45%)


Rustic Elevated Garden Bed The Elevated Garden Bed eliminates bending over while gardening and is perfect for gardeners with mobility and back strain issues. It's excellent for small patios, decks, condos and apartments; anywhere you'd like to grow vegetables, herbs, or flowers. *…

Compare: $242.00
SAVE $78 (32%)


Square Succulent PlanterSucculent planters are perfect for the individual who wants to start an easy-care garden. Succulents thrive in sunny, well-drained areas with very little maintenance.* Made in the USA with 100% western red cedar with a clear oil finish* A perfect fit for a window sill,…

Compare: $33.00
SAVE $10 (30%)


Folding Trellis This adjustable, folding design provides stand-alone support for peas, beans, squash, tomatoes and more. The trellis can be placed directly in the soil or can easily be secured to any raised or elevated garden bed. Dimensions: Height: 70in - Width: 22in

Compare: $57.00
SAVE $26 (45%)


Vertical Garden Gardening is even easier with vertical gardening. With a small footprint (just 2 sq ft) it's possible to have a garden just about anywhere. Comes assembled and includes a drip line irrigation system which enables less watering and more growing! * Soil Capacity: 4.5 cubic feet *…

Compare: $429.00
SAVE $178 (41%)


Garden Wedge * Ideal for small patios, decks, condos, apartments, or anywhere you'd like * Perfect for growing cucumbers, potatoes, squash, and tomatoes * Eliminates bending over while gardening * Perfect for gardeners with mobility and back strain issues * Unique tool-free design allows the…

Compare: $303.00
SAVE $92 (30%)


Tool-Free Assembly Potting Bench The Gronomics Tool-Free Western Red Cedar Potting Bench makes container gardening simple. * Over 7 sq ft of working surface * Storage for 4.1 cubic ft of soil * Lower storage area and shelf that allows you to organize or store larger objects like pots and watering…

Compare: $800.00
SAVE $301 (37%)


Potting Bench with Shelf Make container gardening simple with this potting bench from Gronomics. * Over 7 sq ft of working surface * Storage for 4.1 cubic ft of soil * Lower shelf allows you to store larger objects like pots and watering cans * Makes a great decor piece for your outdoor living area…

Compare: $757.00
SAVE $284 (37%)


Three-Tier Raised Garden Bed Planter Raised Garden Beds are great for small plots of veggies and/or flowers. Eliminate tilling, soil amending and minimize weeding with these garden beds. Place beds in an ideal sun location, add soil, and plant. * Can be set up in five minutes * Built for outdoor use…

Price:$202.00 to $295.00
Compare: $512.00
SAVE $310 (60%)


Rustic U-Shaped Harvester Kit Modular doesn't have to mean complicated. Combine multiple kits together to make any configuration desired. Raised beds are planters with open bottoms so plant roots can penetrate the ground below. These beds eliminate tilling, soil amending, and minimize weeding.…

Compare: $1137.00
SAVE $249 (21%)


Rustic Planter Box The ultimate space savers, the Rustic Planter Box fits perfectly in an entrance way, on the patio or on a deck. Use these planters for herbs, flowers or even a small vegetable garden. The rough-sawn finish will weather naturally or stain it in your preferred color. Place the…

Price:$134.00 to $148.00
Compare: $228.00
SAVE $94 (41%)


Expandable Fan Trellis Kit Grow vertical plants and spruce up your garden landscape area. Any variety of vegetables or flowers that climb, such as growing peas, pole beans, cucumbers or morning glory will enhance the look of your garden. * Maximize your growing area and production while saving space…

Compare: $66.00
SAVE $26 (39%)
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