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Nearly Natural

Giant Mixed Floral Arrangement This "monster" floral arrangement stands a full four feet in height making it a big-time show stopper. Featuring a mix of blooms set in a handsome decorative planter (complete with liquid illusion faux water) this piece is definitely going to make…

Compare: $288.00
SAVE $97 (33%)

Nearly Natural

Spring Floral Arrangement Spring has truly sprung! A bold floral arrangement is certain to draw any flower lover’s attention this striking piece is the perfect "pick me up" gift for any friend family member or other loved one. This beautiful 16-in display showcases the…

Compare: $78.00
SAVE $24 (30%)

Nearly Natural

Tropical Floral Arrangement with White Glass Vase The nice thing about tropical plants is you can really make some interesting combinations of the varying shapes and textures. This tropical floral arrangement is exactly that - a lush mix of colors and shapes that simply complement each other…

Compare: $73.00
SAVE $23 (31%)

Nearly Natural

Mixed Floral Arrangement with Whitewash Planter Here's a classic look that is sure to please even the most discerning eye. Nearly Natural has taken an array of beautiful flowers (in varying degrees of bloom) mixed them with lush green leaves and packaged them all in a stunning classic whitewash…

Compare: $139.00
SAVE $40 (28%)

Nearly Natural

Mixed Orchid with Cube Arrangements (Set of 3) Three times the beauty and three times your decorating options. This wonderful set of mixed orchids perfectly capture everything that makes the Orchid so sought-after with the added bonus of never needing water or care. Comes complete with cube vases…

Compare: $96.00
SAVE $29 (30%)

Nearly Natural

…Orchid Elegance Arrangement If you are looking for a floral arrangement that evokes the feeling of spring then look no further. These lovely pink and white flowers brighten any room. Requiring minimal care and never needing water the Raspberry Orchid Elegance Arrangement comes in an elegant…

Compare: $106.00
SAVE $42 (39%)

Nearly Natural

Giant Fancy Rose and Willow Arrangement This beautiful floral arrangement is sure to please anyone. The bouquet of stunning roses are complemented by beautiful willow plants to make this selection a perfect addition to any home or office. Housed in a simple but classic glass vase (complete with faux…

Compare: $219.00
SAVE $81 (36%)

Nearly Natural

Sunflower Arrangement with Vase Bright cheerful and friendly sunflowers are just a delight to behold. With this arrangement you can find color and beauty that will add a smile to any recipient of this beautiful gift. Framed by a selection of bright green leaves and housed in an elegantly curved…

Compare: $90.00
SAVE $25 (27%)

Nearly Natural

Orchid Succulent Sunrise Arrangement They say nature can't be improved upon but we can try can't we? Just look at this unusual arrangement of Orchid Succulent & Bamboo and see how combining these three beauties really works. An ideal conversation piece for your home or office…

Compare: $117.00
SAVE $47 (40%)

Nearly Natural

…Hydrangea Arrangement The Hydrangea is one of nature's more interesting flowers. The blooms are small on an individual level yet together they combine to create an almost pillow-like texture of color. Nearly Natural has captured that perfectly in this mixed Hydrangea arrangement with two…

Compare: $135.00
SAVE $38 (28%)

Nearly Natural

Orchid and Succulent Arrangement Heres a striking reminder of the intricate magnificence of nature. The Orchid blooms softly rise up surrounded by stems reaching in every direction giving the distinct look that Orchids are known for. But the base of this arrangement is a selection of green…

Compare: $70.00
SAVE $21 (30%)

Nearly Natural

Rubrum Lily Arrangement A true beauty this Rubrum Lily Arrangement is a pleasant addition to any home. With its delicate pink and white flowers and its beautiful green foliage this makes for a wonderful centerpiece arrangement. Housed in a decorative curved glass vase this provides a gentle splash…

Compare: $92.00
SAVE $29 (31%)
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