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Sagebrook Home

Arturo Blue Vase Raised botanical texture on this tall vase adds interest to the two toned color palette.

Compare: $119.00
SAVE $37 (31%)

Sagebrook Home

Gentry Small Blue Vase A unique piercing pattern and calming blue combine to make this ceramic vase a must have piece for your home.

Compare: $76.00
SAVE $16 (21%)

Sagebrook Home

Oliver Blue Pierced Vase This pierced vase is full of charming details in a trendy color.

Compare: $75.00
SAVE $20 (26%)

Sagebrook Home

Trenton Blue Bottle Vase Classic shape and color combine for mass appeal in any design environment.

Price:$35.00 to $52.00
Compare: $82.00
SAVE $47 (57%)

Sagebrook Home

Remington Blue Bottle Vase Distinct ridges add visual interest to a classic shape and color making a new contemporary classic.

Price:$46.00 to $81.00
Compare: $120.00
SAVE $74 (61%)

IMAX Worldwide

Arlo Blue Vase Crystal blue persuasion: This ceramic vase will win you over with its rustic, slightly distressed finish. Size: Short Dimensions: Diameter: 6.75in - Height: 8.5in - Weight: 1.2lbs

Price:$20.00 to $34.00
Compare: $72.00
SAVE $52 (72%)


…and port?back in the day. The price on this item is a clearance price. It may not be returned. Materials: Ceramic, Terracotta Listing: Quick Ship, Mfr Specials Warranty: 1 year against manufacturers defects xVase Color The main color of the vase. 3476Team / School Vase Color: Blue Vase Type: Table

Compare: $61.00
SAVE $24 (39%)


…Try styling two of them in different sizes for a tiered look, or place flowers or decorative grasses within them for a natural look. * Bottle shaped glass vase with a nice deep blue finish Materials: Glass xVase Color The main color of the vase. 3476Team / School Vase Color: Blue Vase Type: Table

Compare: $270.00
SAVE $74 (27%)

Sagebrook Home

Hyde Medium Blue Pierced Vase A metallic navy finish gives this pierced ceramic a mysterious glamor.

Compare: $78.00
SAVE $18 (23%)


Ocean Blue Mosaic Trumpet Vase Make a decorating splash with a gorgeous handcrafted vase featuring cascading waves of vibrant ocean blue glass that catch and reflect light from a thousand different angles. Individual glass tiles are hand-cut and hand-painted then applied one at a time by hand to…

Price:$91.00 to $163.00
Compare: $246.00
SAVE $155 (63%)

Moe's Home Collection

Large Blue Ring Vase (Set of 2) * Hand made glass  * Iridescent blue and purple rings  

Compare: $79.00
SAVE $23 (29%)

Oriental Furniture

14" Ladies Blue & White Porcelain Vase * Lovely Ming design flower vase crafted from durable high temperature hard white Chinese porcelain ceramic * Delightful east Asian court courtesan art motif * Ideal for display with traditional 18th and 19th century European antique style…

Compare: $116.00
SAVE $47 (40%)
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